Precision Agriculture

The latest trend in agricultural sectors worldwide is Precision Agriculture because it saves you time and reduces cost and is environmentally friendly. Precision farming will ensure sustainability through the use of the correct inputs, and the optimal quantity of inputs at the right place at the right time. Our in-house team of experienced Agriculturalists will definitely be able to assist you in so far as recommending the correct products, program and scheduling of nutrients based on your specific circumstances and also your needs.

Soil Analysis

Our in-house professional team of experienced Agriculturalists truly understand the science or business of cultivating the soil. Precision Agriculture, with a thorough understanding of the soil at its core, will contribute towards ensuring long-term sustainability and also profitability.

The service offered by our team includes the taking of soil samples according to specific agreed requirements, the transport of the samples to the laboratory, the analysis of the samples according to the procedures requested, the interpretation of the soil analysis results and recommendations for soil correction. Standard analysis includes pH, P, K, S, Ca, Mg and Na, whilst additional analysis also include Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, and B. All our soil analyses are processed at accredited laboratories to ensure accuracy and acceptable turnaround times.

Plant Nutrient Programs

Ground Up Fertilizers with its highly qualified and experienced technicians will provide you the grower with a full nutrient program for your specific crop, whether grown Hydroponically or in the soil. We have the nutritional answers for you.

Water and Soil interpretation

Ground Up Fertilizers will do a full interpretation of your soil and water analysis and recommend what treatments to do to your water and a comprehensive soil amelioration program.

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